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  Virus Survival
Posted by: SweptThrone - 05-21-2022, 12:03 AM - Forum: Addon Discussion - No Replies

My old Virus Survival gamemode but redone much better.
I'm late on posting this one lolllllll

Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...2803058028

Discuss it here
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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  URL Changes and Steam Group - May3-2022
Posted by: SweptThrone - 05-08-2022, 07:56 PM - Forum: Info and Announcements - No Replies

I changed up some links a few days ago, which will result in some links no longer working.
These changes are just changing subdomains to directories and changing directories to subdomains.

The changes are as follows:
Link to my Discord server: discord.sweptthr.one → sweptthr.one/discord
Link to my addon collection: gmod.sweptthr.one → sweptthr.one/gmod
STDocs pages: sweptthr.one/docs → docs.sweptthr.one
Hunt AHAEG: sweptthr.one/hunt → hunt.sweptthr.one

I believe I updated links in all of my addons and YouTube videos, but I think posts in these forums have not been updated.  I'll have to look around and try to find and fix them.

Additionally, I have recreated my Steam group with a new name, Swept's Group, at the same URL: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sweptthrone

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  Temporary Closure - Apr21-2022
Posted by: SweptThrone - 04-22-2022, 03:38 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

SweptTTT has been very temporarily closed while the Virus Survival Remake is tested.
Read more about that here.

SweptTTT will return right after Virus Survival is good to launch.

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  Star System Explanation
Posted by: SweptThrone - 04-14-2022, 06:17 AM - Forum: Info and Announcements - No Replies

I'm bored so I figured I might as well explain the star system for users.

There are five colors of stars: yellow, green, red, blue, and purple.
In addition, each member can have anywhere from one to seven of any color star, which each color and number meaning something different.
In general, the higher rank a user's stars are overrules the number of stars they have.
I am led to believe that if a user was a Discord Member with 51 posts, they would have four green stars.

Yellow Star Yellow Stars
These are the stars everyone has.  They don't mean much.
You start with one star for creating an account.
You get another star for a total of two once you've made 5 posts.
You get a third star once you've made 25 posts.
You display a total of four yellow stars once you've made 50 posts.
Five yellow stars shine next to your name once you've made 100 posts.

Green Star Green Stars
These stars are given to members who have done something to support me in a small way.
You'll show three green stars if you join my Discord server.
I would like to add more ways to earn green stars, but I'll have to think about it.

Red Star Red Stars
These stars are reserved to be given to members who have done something to support me in a BIG way.
It is currently impossible to have red stars.
Maybe in the future, I'll add ways to have them.

Blue Star Blue Stars
These stars are given to staff members of these forums.  Since I have no staff, no one has these stars.
Moderators of specific forums would have five blue stars.
Moderators of all forums would have six blue stars.

Purple Star Purple Stars
These stars are super special and I don't intend on letting anyone have them.
Administrators of the forums have seven purple stars.

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  SweptForums Rules
Posted by: SweptThrone - 04-13-2022, 11:28 PM - Forum: Info and Announcements - No Replies

This is a general list of rules and guidelines you should follow on these forums.
I'm not going too in-depth because no one uses these forums anyway.

  1. My word is law.  These are my forums and I get to do what I want on them.  Don't like it?  Don't use them.
  2. Do not spam or flood.  Spam-posting garbage messages all around the forums will probably end up with your account being deleted and your IP being banned.
  3. Don't be stupid.  Shitposting can be funny but go do it somewhere else.
  4. Don't be weird.  Don't roleplay a character or anything like that.  It's just weird and makes people uncomfortable.

This very small list of rules is subject to change.  Refer to Rule 1 for my policy on rule changes.

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  Forums Software Change - Apr1-2022
Posted by: SweptThrone - 04-01-2022, 05:49 AM - Forum: Info and Announcements - Replies (1)

No, not an April Fools' joke.

Today, I migrated the forums over to myBB.  This software looks sleeker and cleaner than the previous software, and it's no longer using stolen styles.  As a result, this green theme will remain as the only available theme, at least for a while.

Things may be messy and look bad, so just post about them or something and I'll fix it.

Post counts also seem to be off, it seems to be counting most of my posts twice, which is interesting, but that shouldn't affect anything.

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  Feb18-2022 - Apocalypse Pill and Loadouts
Posted by: SweptThrone - 02-18-2022, 07:43 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Today, I got bored and decided to improve the Apocalypse Pill's effects and add a loadout system.

The Apocalypse Pill now causes your view to cycle through more colors irregularly, applies a motion blur effect, zooms your FOV in and out repeatedly, and rolls your view around.
A video previewing these new effects can be found here (EPILEPSY WARNING): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slJunz3IM34

I also added a simple and fair loadout system. If you manage to survive the post-round deathmatch with any auto-spawning weapons, you will be given those weapons when the next round starts. You can swap weapons during the deathmatch and only the ones you have when the deathmatch ends will be given to you.

That's all for today!

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  Feb7-2022 - Two New Maps
Posted by: SweptThrone - 02-08-2022, 12:19 AM - Forum: Updates - No Replies

Today, I just added two new maps to the map rotation.

The first of these maps is cs_meridian. cs_meridian takes place on a tropical-themed yacht.
[Image: cs_meridian.jpg]

The second map is de_corse. de_corse looks kinda similar to de_inferno, but with more verticality, twists, and turns.
[Image: de_corse.jpg]

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  Welcome to the Pineapple Zone
Posted by: SweptThrone - 01-17-2022, 11:02 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Welcome to the Codename Pineapple Zone.

This zone will be used for posts relating to Codename Pineapple once it's revealed.

It will be revealed at an undisclosed time in the future via a YouTube livestream.

Subscribe to my channel and turn notifications on to be notified when this project releases.

You can also use the Discussion forum to talk about this project and what you think it might be.

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  Talking About Projects - Jan17-2022
Posted by: SweptThrone - 01-17-2022, 09:47 PM - Forum: Info and Announcements - No Replies

Today, I'm deleting the unused SPIHGUOY Zone and replacing it with the soon-to-be-used Codename Pineapple Zone, and also talking about the SPIHGUOY Zone.

The SPIHGUOY, or Secret Project I Haven't Given Up On Yet, was originally going to be some sort of standalone medieval-themed RPG. It was going to be loosely based upon a medieval town I made on my Minecraft server, Flocksworth. At some point, I intended to name the game Tale of Flocksworth. I have a folder of very vague notes related to this project, including weapons, skills, some very basic sprites, and brain-dumps. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this project never went anywhere; in fact, it never even got started! I didn't even know what platform I should use to make this game, so as time went on, the possibility of this project becoming a reality dwindled.

Knockback was a similar genre of project, another standalone game. This one was supposed to be an arena PvP fighting game where there was no actual damage inflicted, instead players had to rely on the knockback weapons dealt to push each other off the arena. This one actually had a movement test created, but also went nowhere. This project had two channels on my Discord server for a very limited time.

Anyway, the SPIHGUOY Zone existed as an incentive to push me to do something. If I had a place dedicated to sharing updates about this project, maybe it would push me to fill it with posts. That didn't work though, and the whole zone remained completely empty for *reads through forum logs* almost exactly two years. Two years and ten days, to be exact. So today, I'm finally deciding to just get rid of it and replace it with a zone for Codename Pineapple, the project I've been actively working on for (I think) around a full year now.

While this forum zone exists, I don't really intend to fill it with posts. The first public reveal of any part of this project will take place on my YouTube channel once it's ready, which may be a long time from now. I've been working on this one much more actively and consistently, and I'm very excited to get it done and show it to you all. You can keep track of my progress on this project on my Trello board which I try to update in real time throughout the week. Alternatively you can join my Discord server to see these updates weekly, but there's a reason you're here and not there, right?

That's all I got for today, if you're here reading this, thanks!

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