Jun4-2021 - New Maps and T Weapon Tweaks

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Jun4-2021 - New Maps and T Weapon Tweaks

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Today I added de_mirage_css, ttt_mw2_terminal, and cs_hijack to the map rotation. Terminal and Hijack were community suggestions while Mirage was my choice.

I've also remade now the traitors' Railgun works in an attempt to balance traitor weapons.
You now have to charge the Railgun for about 1.8 seconds before you can fire, during which it makes a bunch of noise. This 1.8 seconds is indicated by the weapon sparking.
I read someone's rant about how on most TTT servers, the traitor shop allows any traitor to become a one-man army, which sort of destroys the purpose of the game. Traitors are supposed to work together and use stealth and deception to win, not just use the biggest gun to wipe everyone off the map. This change to the Railgun creates a lot more risk to the traitor using it, meaning they'll have to plan out their method of attack.

Following this train of thought, the Grenade Shotgun - which previously came with 4+0 grenades - now comes with 1+3 grenades, meaning you'll have to reload one grenade every time you want to fire.
I'm considering scrapping this weapon entirely since it is kinda overpowered and renders the Frag Grenade obsolete, but we'll see how things go.

The Apocalypse Pill now no longer grants you a jump boost and no longer sets your health to 100. If you have under 25 health, it will set your health to 25, otherwise it won't modify your health.
The Apocalypse Pill's health restore always seemed a little excessive, even with the constant drain. I myself often exploited it by taking it just to regen health, so I removed this ability.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates!
~SweptThrone •.-
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