URL Changes and Steam Group - May3-2022
I changed up some links a few days ago, which will result in some links no longer working.
These changes are just changing subdomains to directories and changing directories to subdomains.

The changes are as follows:
Link to my Discord server: discord.sweptthr.one → sweptthr.one/discord
Link to my addon collection: gmod.sweptthr.one → sweptthr.one/gmod
STDocs pages: sweptthr.one/docs → docs.sweptthr.one
Hunt AHAEG: sweptthr.one/hunt → hunt.sweptthr.one

I believe I updated links in all of my addons and YouTube videos, but I think posts in these forums have not been updated.  I'll have to look around and try to find and fix them.

Additionally, I have recreated my Steam group with a new name, Swept's Group, at the same URL: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sweptthrone
~SweptThrone •.-

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