Star System Explanation
I'm bored so I figured I might as well explain the star system for users.

There are five colors of stars: yellow, green, red, blue, and purple.
In addition, each member can have anywhere from one to seven of any color star, which each color and number meaning something different.
In general, the higher rank a user's stars are overrules the number of stars they have.
I am led to believe that if a user was a Discord Member with 51 posts, they would have four green stars.

Yellow Star Yellow Stars
These are the stars everyone has.  They don't mean much.
You start with one star for creating an account.
You get another star for a total of two once you've made 5 posts.
You get a third star once you've made 25 posts.
You display a total of four yellow stars once you've made 50 posts.
Five yellow stars shine next to your name once you've made 100 posts.

Green Star Green Stars
These stars are given to members who have done something to support me in a small way.
You'll show three green stars if you join my Discord server.
I would like to add more ways to earn green stars, but I'll have to think about it.

Red Star Red Stars
These stars are reserved to be given to members who have done something to support me in a BIG way.
It is currently impossible to have red stars.
Maybe in the future, I'll add ways to have them.

Blue Star Blue Stars
These stars are given to staff members of these forums.  Since I have no staff, no one has these stars.
Moderators of specific forums would have five blue stars.
Moderators of all forums would have six blue stars.

Purple Star Purple Stars
These stars are super special and I don't intend on letting anyone have them.
Administrators of the forums have seven purple stars.
~SweptThrone •.-

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