The Grand Rebrand - Mar5-2021
Today marks the biggest change I've ever made to the community. I am officially dropping the name Throneco and its abbreviation TCo in favor of SweptThrone and ST.

This has been something I've been thinking about for a very long time, and after putting it to a vote in my Discord server, the community and I agreed on the change.

I had three main reasons for this massive change:
  • I have long been the only one who does anything with Garry's Mod anymore. The situation in the past was much different, having been me being the one making things and a bunch of my friends helping out by testing or coming up with ideas or just supporting the things I did. Those times are long gone and due to a variety of reasons, I am the only one left consistently working on any sort of code-related stuff.
  • Googling "Throneco" yields a few relevant results but a lot more for a portable toilet company (lol) while Googling "SweptThrone" yields relevant results but more importantly me, the one who makes the things.
  • "Throneco" sounds like an official business or organization to me, which it absolutely is not. In the past it's been just a group of friends messing around playing video games, and to this day it's still just me messing around with code stuff.

The vote in the Discord server resulted in 9 in favor of the change and 0 opposed, so the choice was clear.

Here is what this massive change will imply:
  • The Discord server has tentatively been renamed to "SweptThrone's Hideout" and its icon changed to the illustrated chicken in a top hat.
  • TCo Assistant, the Discord bot, has been renamed to STAssistant.
  • The TCoA Testing Grounds Discord server has been renamed to the STAssistant Testing Grounds.
  • Addon icons will not be changed due to there being 120 of them as well as for history's sake.
  • Any mention of Throneco in addon descriptions and old media will be preserved.
  • Any mention of Throneco in relevant and future media will be replaced with SweptThrone or simply removed.
  • The Throneco Complete Pack has been renamed to the SweptThrone Complete Pack.
  • The Throneco Steam group is no longer the highlighted group, now the SweptThrone's Marketing Department Steam group is the primary group.
  • The headline on these forums has been edited to exclude "and Throneco."

I am not trying to separate myself from the Throneco name, rather just move on from it. It started as a joke where I acted as a company to be able to recreate a bunch of funny corporation-style jokes, like aggressively offering friends sponsorships and such, and then grew into what I called myself and community. As aforementioned, over time I slowly became the only "member of Throneco" and yet would still attribute everything I did to everyone by using "we" and "us" in any sort of media. Times have changed and now I'm gonna be the one taking all of the credit, which I think is the better decision.

Everything in the past was brought to you by Throneco, but now everything is brought to you by SweptThrone.

Thanks for sticking around and thanks for reading!
~SweptThrone •.-

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