Forums Update - Jan7-2020 - New Themes
I took the default green theme and made it other colors. There are now four themes to choose among.

These themes are:
They Grow - Default green theme. Full of life and energy.
They Bleed - Warm red theme. Full of power and passion.
They Swim - Cool blue theme. Full of purity and serenity.
They Decay - Dead grey theme. Devoid of any existence.

I also made sure to give them really edgy names and backstories because why not?

If you prefer some brighter theme names, here are some alternatives:
Lucid Lime - Default green theme. The basis of all of our themes.
Lucid Tomato - Warm red theme. Red like a ripe tomato.
Lucid Blueberry - Cool blue theme. Blue like a tart blueberry.
Lucid Grey - Dead grey theme. Grey.

To change your theme, go to your User Control Panel, then to the Board Preferences tab and change "My board style."

Also added an Introductions forum to the Community-Wide zone, and three custom BBCodes:
s for strikethrough, [sup]sup for superscript[/sup], and [sub]sub for subscript[/sub].
~SweptThrone •.-

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