README - Welcome to the SweptForums!
Welcome to my forums, which I am calling the SweptForums.

These forums will act as an alternate hub for me and the things I make.

The reason for making these very sloppy, outdated, and sure-to-be-unused forums are because of a post I read on another site about projects being based on Discord. The poster mentioned how they don't want to join a new Discord server for every new and interesting project they wanted to follow, and I realized how many times I personally stopped caring about a project because the only way to stay in touch was with yet another Discord server I'd have to add to my list.

So that's why these forums are here. I'm not really sure if I'll do anything with them, but I'll keep them here just in case.

If, somehow, you're here without knowing about the Discord server and would like to join it, you can go here:
~SweptThrone •.-
After adding another two themes to the forums nobody uses, I began to think about why I decide to uphold these forums at all, and I think I came to a reasonable answer that I'm gonna add to the end of the welcome post, just to give anyone else who browses here an idea of why I do this and what's happening.

Why do I post addon releases, server updates, etc. to these forums?
As mentioned before, I read a thread about how some people don't like joining another Discord server just to keep in touch with a small project they're really interested in. This got me thinking about how many projects I've personally been turned away from because I just didn't want to join another Discord server, so I decided then to make forums for me and my stuff.
Months passed, and the forums went almost entirely unused. I had some friends-at-the-time register and post some stuff, but none of it was ever serious discussion or anything like that, and as I cleared these posts out, I wondered why I do this.
Then I met one of my fans who explained how he doesn't use Discord at all. This was something I didn't think I'd hear in 2020, but it reminded me that I should keep these forums going and updated just in case other people like him are interested in what I do.

Why do I do anything if there's no one here?
Most of what I do to these forums (new widgets, new themes, new boards) are created mainly out of boredom and free time, but also to supplement the aforementioned posts I make to these forums. As fate will have it, the day I neglect these forums is the day someone will want them.

Will I keep supporting these forums?
To the best of my ability, I will be supporting these forums by keeping them up-to-date with whatever's happening with me. Any new servers, any closed servers, any new releases, they'll all be documented here. Not only is it good for the people who want them, it's also good for me just to keep a record of what I did and when. Too many times now have I completely lost a piece of "history" due to me not having documented it anywhere.

That about wraps up this post, my 40th post on these forums and the 41st post on all of the forums overall. That's 97.56% of all of the posts here, crazy!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking with me!
~SweptThrone •.-
I try to check these forums every day, a few times a day, but this is not the main place I check for questions.
The two fastest ways - in order - to get my attention are my Discord server and Steam comments.
If you don't mind waiting up to a day to get a response, post here.  Otherwise, I highly advise you to go to either of those places.

As for receiving information, I try my hardest to make sure any information is accessible without joining a Discord server.
I post weekly progress reports on my Discord server, which is just a more in-depth summary of my Trello board, which is updated in realtime.
Ideally I would post the progress reports somewhere else as well, but I don't feel like there's much demand for them.  Progress reports are available at
~SweptThrone •.-

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