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Feb18-2022 - Apocalypse Pill and Loadouts - SweptThrone - 02-18-2022

Today, I got bored and decided to improve the Apocalypse Pill's effects and add a loadout system.

The Apocalypse Pill now causes your view to cycle through more colors irregularly, applies a motion blur effect, zooms your FOV in and out repeatedly, and rolls your view around.
A video previewing these new effects can be found here (EPILEPSY WARNING): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slJunz3IM34

I also added a simple and fair loadout system. If you manage to survive the post-round deathmatch with any auto-spawning weapons, you will be given those weapons when the next round starts. You can swap weapons during the deathmatch and only the ones you have when the deathmatch ends will be given to you.

That's all for today!