Full Version: Sep1-2020 - Weapon Overhaul
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Today I've taken time to update all weapons to make them more "realistic" (read: overpowered)

In a super general sense, here's how the weapons have been edited:
  • 9mm weapons deal about 25-35 damage
  • .45 weapons deal about 35-45 damage
  • Magnum weapons deal about 40-55 damage
  • 5.56 weapons deal about 30-35 damage
  • 7.62 weapons deal about 40-50 damage
  • Sniper rifles deal about 75-100 damage
  • .50 weapons deal over 100 damage
Obviously this doesn't cover every single gun and isn't fully accurate, but just keep in mind that no gun should take more than four upper body shots to kill someone.